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QNS isn't a consulting group, nor are we, entrepreneurs. 


Unlike some companies, we don't engage with our clients for a short time to solve one problem or outline one solution. We don't present theoretical ideas to restructure your business model. We don't provide financial resources for a stake in your business.


So what are we? We are a group of contrarians who reason independently from the ground up and resist pressure to conform. Our innovative approach to technology implementation allows us to provide exceptional ROI and improve business processes. 


As a Technology Advisory Group, we are accomplished in the areas of:

  • Cyber Risk Management

    • Material and Digital Reconnaissance

    • Threat Intelligence and Attribution

    • State Sponsored, Corporate, and Private Cyber Warfare

  • Data Science and Fintech

    • Internet of Things, Industrial Controls, and Edge Computing

    • Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, and Machine Learning

    • Web3 / Blockchain Applications.

  • Datacenter Design, Engineering, and Operations

    • Private, Public, Hybrid Cloud Services and Distributed Fabric Architecture

    • Continuous Integration and Delivery Operations

    • Power Generation, Distribution, Resilience, and Environmental Systems.

  • Physical and Logical Infrastructure

    • Wired and Wireless Network Architecture

    • Information Technology Solutions

    • Data Management Strategies


Our mission is to leverage technology for your business' success. We focus on supporting your needs using analysis, strategy, and leadership with the utmost integrity.


You use lawyers to meet your legal obligations. You use accountants and bookkeepers to manage your finances. You have business coaches or mentors to help propel your business to new heights.

Do you have a capable advisor to help you navigate this digital labyrinth? Do you have a technical resource whose primary concern is your business' success?


Let's get started; contact us and find your solutions.

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