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Welcome to QNS

Quantitative Network Solutions (QNS) is a leading Integrated Security Solutions Provider (ISSP) specializing in Operational Security (OpSec). Our company is committed to delivering advanced, data-driven security solutions that safeguard the digital and physical assets of individuals, businesses, and organizations. QNS leverages quantitative analysis and cutting-edge technology to offer a comprehensive suite of services, including threat intelligence, risk assessment, and network protection.

Our expertise in OpSec allows us to provide specialized services such as open-source intelligence (OSINT), detailed vulnerability assessments, and strategic risk mitigation. We focus on a holistic security approach, integrating cybersecurity measures with physical security protocols to protect against various threats.

At QNS, our team of experienced professionals brings together backgrounds in counterintelligence, private investigation, and cybersecurity, ensuring we deliver proactive and effective security solutions. Our mission is to empower clients with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate and mitigate security risks, providing them with a sense of control and confidence in an increasingly interconnected and complex world.


Whether serving high-profile individuals, small businesses, or large corporations, Quantitative Network Solutions is dedicated to excellence and innovation in the field of security. We aim to be your trusted partner in ensuring the safety and security of your assets and operations.

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